Transforming Cow Manure into Green Energy


Government’s Role in Renewable Energy Development

The renewable energy push across the globe bodes well for growing movements such as Cow Power. Supportive public policy provides the most effective way to increase the use of renewable energy.

Laws in Europe, specifically Ireland, portray the essential role public policy plays in shifting towards a more energy-efficient country.  The Irish economy is growing due in part to their approach to renewable energy. Ireland has emerged as the greenest country in Europe by making the people reconsider their views on clean energy through the taxation of fossil fuels and rubbish.

Fossil fuels are taxed in the use of “homes, offices, cars, and factories.” Instead of paying more, the Irish have gone green. Their carbon dioxide emissions have “dropped 15 per cent since 2008.”

According the International Renewable Energy Agency, “investment in renewable energy power generation depends on stable regulatory frameworks.” The agency believes “renewables are the best ways for oil importing countries to save money.”

Despite the gradual decrease of oil imports since 2005, the “United States relied on net imports (imports minus exports) for about 45% of the petroleum (crude oil and petroleum products) that we consumed in 2011.”  A stronger emphasis on renewable energy could lessen reliance on oil imports.

Renewable and sustainable energy programs such as Cow Power are even more important for the US to not only invest in, but focus more on laws that provide a supportive and enabling environment to foster innovation and expansion.

Do you think the U.S. government has done enough to help increase renewable and sustainable energy  use and development?


Renewable Energy News – Tool Determines Amount of Renewable Energy from Waste

I could only laugh when initially confronted with the idea of using cow poop to create electricity. Renewable energy pioneers continue to showcase their creative minds and turn my laughter into curiosity.

In the UK a new tool calculates the amount of energy that would result from the “combustion” of various combinations of waste material.

“This new method uses an image and microwave analysis tool. When placed above a conveyor belt in a waste treatment facility, it is able to accurately determine the composition of a mixed waste material and subsequently calculate how much renewable energy is derived from each individual component in the waste stream.”

Cow manure isn’t involved in this story, but it’s incredibly fascinating how the things people devalue in their lives can be utilized to create energy.

I constantly find myself discarding belongings that are not useful. I am the polar opposite of a pack rat. If such programs and tools become commonplace or instituted near you, then you can inform others that their trash could be used to power homes. Trash offers the earth a brighter future.

How is it that what we deem as “waste” offers contradictory possibilities?

Cow Power Store Launch

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting an opportunity to show off your support for Cow Power, then the Cow Power: The Film Store launch has answered your daily prayers.

The few yet choice items would suit you well in any capacity. Perhaps, you can feel like a member of the CP Film team and purchase a “Peach, Love & Cows” t-shirt. When I wear mine every passerby takes notice. The shirt’s unique design boldly states your undying support for using cow manure to create renewable energy.

If that’s too loud of a statement, then grab a Cow Power logo sticker that looks swanky on a laptop, car, backpack or any item that voices your love for Cow Power. The store offers small ways to show your support for the innovative program and film.

Cow Power Spreading its Influence Across the U.S.

The Cow Power Film’s trailer released recently. Cow Power’s mailing list improved substantially over the last couple weeks. Holly C. won an authentic Cow Power t-shirt give away for joining the mailing list on the film’s website. If you haven’t already, join the mailing list!

Allison-Jane Gillette, the film’s producer/director/creator, spoke at the U.S. Dairy’s Sustainability Summit in Chicago, IL. The Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy bolsters a strong commitment “to foster innovation in environmental sustainability“. The center’s goal is to “[provide] consumers with the nutritious dairy products they want, in a way that makes the industry, people, and earth economically, environmentally, and socially better“.

Cow Power fulfills the Innovation Center’s goal by creating a more sustainable environment on dairy farms by turning cow manure into electricity. If spread across the U.S., the process can provide up to “10% of the nation’s energy needs“.

The CP Film’s trailer, Allison’s invitation to speak at the summit, and the Moovement’s recognition by numerable Hollywood executives points to the growing support across the country.

Cow Power Film Trailer Available Tomorrow

Dear Cow Power Supporters,

Visit the Cow Power Film website to be one of the first to see the newly released trailer of the upcoming Cow Power Film. The trailer will be available at 2 pm tomorrow.

If you’ve been anxiously waiting the film then this will whet your appetite. Perhaps you know nothing about Cow Power, then the trailer is the perfect opportunity  to learn about the Moovement.

Ben and Jerry’s Cow Power on Ireallylikefood

Recently Cow Power made a brief appearance at speaking about the Cow Power Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor.

Whether you realize it or not,  Cow Power is intimately linked with food. I know you don’t want to think about cow manure when eating your lunch or dreaming about this amazing restaurant you heard about, but dairy farms, the foundation of dairy food products, stand as the stronghold for the Cow Power Moovment.

All foodies, whether you call yourself one or not, should support Cow Power. These cows are changing the face of renewable energy in agriculture and essential to the creation of your favorite ice cream, milk, cheese, and other dairy products.

The Cow Power Film will be releasing a trailer soon that tells the story of the Vermont dairy farms and the Vermonters working with Cow Power.

Foodies, support Cow Power, watch the trailer, and join the Moovement.

Cow Power Film Trailer Releases Soon

The Cow Power Film will be releasing a trailer soon. Be the first to catch a glimpse of the documentary film that will transform your perspective on renewable and sustainable energy created by Cow Power on dairy farms.

The Cow Power Film tells a story that goes beyond a little bit of cow poop. It’s a tale involving not only cows, but the dairy farmers, the Vermonters who have gathered behind this incredible cause, and the creation of renewable and sustainable energy.

Whether you’ve seen a cow up close, visited a dairy farm, or love to dip your double stuffed Oreos into a tall glass of cool milk, you should support this moovement and watch the trailer.

The film brings you into the fold, introduces the people who are determined to change the face of energy, and it details the story that needs to be told. The trailer will mootivate you to join the moovement.